OcuTrap Pre-Order Terms

    1. Deposit Payment. Your deposit payment (“Deposit Payment”) grants you priority within your region for securing OcuTrap Services when available. Your Deposit Payment is exclusive of any sales and use or other taxes. OcuTrap will apply your Deposit Payment to the amount due on the OcuTrap trap if and when the OcuTrap trap and Services become available.
    2. Refundable Deposit. Prior to OcuTrap shipping your trap, your Deposit Payment is fully refundable and can be requested at any time via your email account. If you seek and obtain a refund, you will forfeit your priority position.
    3. Availability; Limitations. Placing a Deposit Payment does not obligate OcuTrap to provide you with the OcuTrap trap and Services and does not guarantee that the OcuTrap trap and Services will be available to you. Prices for the Services and Kits presented at the time you place your Deposit Payment are subject to change to the prices in effect at the time of Order, including any applicable taxes, duties, delivery charges, and any other applicable fees. OcuTrap traps designs and Services are subject to change based on technological innovation. OcuTrap will not hold your Deposit Payment separately, for example in an escrow account or trust fund, or pay any interest on your Deposit Payment. The Service availability dates are estimates only and subject to change. Service delivery is dependent on many factors, including various regulatory approvals.
    1. Payments. When OcuTrap trap and SERVICE become available, subject to Section 1.3 (Refundable Deposit), OcuTrap will notify you by email that we are preparing to ship your trap. You authorize OcuTrap to charge your approved payment method for (a) a one-time purchase price on the balance of your OcuTrap trap and any accessories, including applicable taxes; and (b) monthly recurring charges, including applicable taxes, for the Services selected in your Order, starting when the OcuTrap is activated. 
    2. Payment Method. You authorize OcuTrap to charge an approved payment method, including ACH payments, credit or debit cards (where available) for all charges made under the Agreement. Use of a credit or debit card is subject to the terms and conditions in your card member agreement, including fees that may be charged by the issuer. If there is a change to your bank or card account information, including expiration date, you must update your payment information in the OcuTrap Customer Portal to avoid suspension or termination of Services and to enable OcuTrap to process refunds. OcuTrap may also update your payment method data with information provided by the payment service providers. You authorize us to continue to charge your payment method following any update to your information.
    3. Discounted Services. OcuTrap may offer discounted Services ("Discounted Services") in your region for eligible users. Quantity limits apply. OcuTrap may start and cease offering Discounted Services at any time. OcuTrap reserves the right to change the terms, including eligibility criteria for Discounted Services at any time. OcuTrap may, from time-to-time, require you to reconfirm you qualify for the Discounted Services. Subject to your Service cancellation and Kit refund rights described in Section 7, if OcuTrap discontinues Discounted Services, standard pricing will apply to your Services for subsequent billing cycles.
    4. Shipping & Handling. Shipping and handling charges will apply and are non-refundable. Please consult your OcuTrap account for an estimate of delivery times. Deliveries may require signature. OcuTrap will use the carrier of its choice.
    5. Taxes, Fees, Surcharges. In addition to charges for the Services, the OcuTrap trap, and any accessories you buy, we may collect or request reimbursement for taxes and other fees and surcharges required by law, including, without limitation, value added, goods and services, consumption, sales, use, gross receipts, excise, and access. You are also responsible for any additional government fees, rights of way charges, license or permit fees, and any other duties, charges or surcharges imposed on the sale or use of the Services or OcuTrap trap.
    6. Payment Disputes & Suspended Services. Disputes on your OcuTrap bill should be handled via your account in the OcuTrap Customer Portal. In the event of a billing dispute, you must timely pay all undisputed amounts. If the payment dispute is resolved against you, or if you simply fail to pay for Services on time, you must pay the amounts due or your Services will be suspended until the overdue amounts are paid.
    7. Software Updates and License Terms. Software copies and updates installed on the OcuTrap trap are not sold, only licensed to you personally (on a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited and revocable basis), for use as installed on the OcuTrap trap and subject to Software License and Usage Terms, and restrictions that OcuTrap posts on the OcuTrap Customer Portal. OcuTrap reserves all intellectual property rights and other rights and interests in the OcuTrap Kit, the Services, and the software, and grants no license, except as expressly granted in this Agreement.

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