About Us

OcuTrap was founded by roommates Graham and Brian at the beginning of the pandemic. After conducting research on the effectiveness of standard trapping methods and holding many interviews with wildlife control personnel, they realized the current methods of trapping were outdated and inefficient. They knew something had to be done because wildlife control personnel were spending way too much time and money to check these traps due to state regulations. There had to be a more efficient system in which they would be able to abide by the rules while still improving their trapping experience. This is why we created OcuTrap, the better and smarter way to catch nuisance animals. The duo joined Lehigh University Accelerator called The Hatchery in 2020 and won the Thalheimer Grand Prize the next year. They started this company to enable homeowners, property managers, and professionals the convenience of using an intuitive, all-in-one smart trap. The OcuTrap will ultimately give the user full control of their trap from anywhere in the world.

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Next Gen Trapping

We believe the wildlife control sector has a lot of opportunity for improvement. Please support us by following our progress through social media!